Introducing Stack Careers on Windows Phone


I am proud to release my second application to the Windows Phone store. It isn't much but it is a step in the right direction for my development goals and career.

stack splash screen

This app is open source on GitHub, and I happily welcome any assistance and guidance.


This application uses System.ServiceModel.Syndication to parse the Stack Overflow Careers RSS feed. After selecting a job posting, HTMLAgilityPack does the screen scraping and presents the posting in a modern design.

I really like the Windows Phone style guidelines, and the controls Microsoft gives us to develop great, consistent applications. This is the second app where I have found a use for the panorama control, the first being We The People.

Stack Careers Browser also features a search with all of the web search parameters:

  • Description
  • Location
    • Uses Bing's reverse location service to locate the device city.
  • Range
    • Windows Phone slider control
  • Remote offered
  • Relocation Offered


I started out wanting to use a MVVM framework and focus on removing code from the code behind. Unfortunately I am not great at that yet and reverted to old habits.

There are two main view models, one that controls the search results/entry page. Another to handle selected job posting specific data.

I am pretty happy with the async implementation here and for the second time I used a custom HttpResponse to make up for some of the differences between .Net and what is allowed in Windows Phone. I believe this has been addressed with the licensing changes around PCL and Xamarin; however I am not positive.


I want to leverage a PCL and bring this application to Windows 8 Appstore, Google Play and The Appstore. Ideally we would use Xamarin to do so and share some of the code. I want us to get a good view of how to shared code across platforms and develop an understanding of how it works.

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