Getting apps from new Xamarin Studio, to iTunes Connect by hand

There is a new Xamarin Studio update in the beta channel, and I thought I would take a moment to walk through getting an app to itunesconnect by hand. I have a build server that does most of the heavy lifting but sometimes I need to get something up to test and just get lazy (which strangely enough causes more manual work).

  • After incrementing the build number, set to AppStore and select Build > Archive for Publishing

image of step 1

  • When the archive process finishes, select the build to send to itunesconnect and then click Sign and Distribute on the tab that appears.

image of step 2

  • I choose AppStore because at this stage in the game I am looking to get my app into testflight. This will download a .ipa to a destination of your chosing.

image of step 3

-Choose which profile to sign with.

image of step 4

-Select Publish

image of step 5

-Great Success! Select Open Application Loader after the .ipa is created.

image of step 6

  • Select Deliver Your App in application and select the .ipa file from step 5.

image image 2

  • Click through the options, wait 15 minutes and ~tada~

image on iPhone

Why is this cool?

I never gave Xamarin the benefit of the doubt in the publishing process. It used to be a pain to locate my archive, then find the app loader, then submit it. Or whatever process Xamarin Studio used. Before I had a build server, and before this update came out, I would just remember to launch XCode and go through the "organizer"(whatever that means), to get my app to testflight/app store. This is much better with the wizard because I stay in friendly places much longer before venturing into the final stages, which requires an Apple made app (if you choose to do this by hand).

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