2014 Goals

Time for the ever popular goals for next year post

You know, the one that everyone writes in an effort to kick themselves into gear when the new year begins.

I am a pretty simple person, and these are pretty easy goals in an effort to better my understanding of my career and trade.

1. More blog posts

This one is easy, I spend all the time setting up a wordpress site, get frustrated and switch to the new thing, ghost. All of this hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, surely I can find something to talk about besides tinkering with blogging software. I have dreams of being a better speaker, and finding my voice on the internet is a good start.

2. Publish 6 apps to any appstore

I already have We The People on the Windows Phone app store. And will have an open source stack overflow careers browser on the same platform. I have several ideas and spend enough time tinkering with xamarin and windows phone, that I can produce the content.

3. Get xamarin certified

I am very interested in the Xamarin platform and have enrolled in their "university" to learn more. I already have an app in the works for my church and would like to learn more about the platform.

I am positive these are all very achievable goals, and am looking forward to a new year in 2014. It should be very interesting for me as I continue to push myself to become a better developer.

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